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Jaime trop cette aplications mais cest beaucoup trop cher sinon cest au top

Shame its not working

After the last upgrade app dosnt work on iPhone 4 - SHAME SHAME SHAME


カートに入れた商品の削除、変更ができない。 iphone5s

Language problem

So what am I going to do if Im an English student in Poland and I dont know polish? There is no way to change the language

iPhone4 users

What about iPhone4 users? They are not able to update their iPhones to iOS8 and thereby they are not able to use H&M app... Even if they download the app, it shows only one button "Download the last version" and thus they go full circle.


Does not recognize that app is updated. Always sends me to the app store to update.



Bad service

I don’t like H&M service. Standard shipping 5or 7days but it takes 10 or 12 days. their shipping by DHL that it is also bad service I didn’t get my order. Nobody refunded my money.

Worst app

Worst app ever!!!!

What happened to the old app that worked just fine?

Why did H&M update this app to be worse? Its slow. It crashes. Why? The old app worked just fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t mess it up!!!

Needs improvement

Please consider adding a find in store section to the app since the stores are always busy they never pick up to see if the item is available at the store or not . Very frustrating !

Just fine

It's been fine for me 😄

What’s going on?

Never had a problem w the old H&M app. I read other reviews and I guess it’s been the same for us all. Still waiting on my order to update and get tracking info but nothing yet after six days. My bank account hasn’t been updated either so I guess they’ll take the money when they finally ship my order if ever. Honestly I don’t remember H&M ever doing me like this!

The worst

The new app is terrible. It does not want to work at all. It is very annoying and makes me not want to shop.

Cards getting declined


Buying on the app ( stress and waste of time)

All i wanted was to enjoy the 30% OFF + Free shipping deal from my iPhone. I was thrilled to find couple great deals and i wanted them so bad until payment failed: “PAYMENT DECLINED-Your order cannot be processed at this time. Please Review your payment details and try again” popped up. Lets give it another try, which was completely correct like the first time. Same thing. I had it several times. And again, after trying later today the same issue ruins my hope. Knowing that I got notified of the end of the deal tonight.


Why would you fix something that’s not broken?? The older app was fine and now this version is just way too slow. Also, if you have an issue with your order, don’t bother emailing customer service because they won’t email you back...even after multiple follow ups.


I have to say, like most retailers these days, H&M misses the boat on customer service. I ordered s top about 3 weeks ago that still has not come. I am an upscale shopper who stops in now and then because quite frankly, you have some really great items at absurd prices. I’m not desperate for the piece, it’s just a disappointment. I would like to give koudos to a gal in the Colonie NY store. It was the first time I have ever been helped at an H&M... sad commentary... but she was great... I believed her name was Kirsten. Please give her some recognition!

It dumped my cart. What a waste of time.

Just downloaded the app, and put over ten items in my cart. I left the app for a few minutes, went back to it, and they were gone. 0 items in cart. So frustrating. Awful app


i don’t usually write reviews, but this app trash as hell.

Will not let me login

Super frustrating. I have tried logging in to the updated app and it will not let me. App crashes on me.


I am disappointed in the change with the apps as well with the company. Since the app was changed the company has been a mess. I ordered about 5 orders since July and all of them has been a mess. From the size changes and sending me the wrong sizes and wrong products and now missing items in orders. The app keeps crashing and things I favor sometimes don’t appear in the category. My bag sometimes doesn’t load and I’m just not happy with the changes. Such a shame.

Where’s Georgia?

why isn’t Georgia in country options? It’s so not respectful.

What happened?

The original HM app was great .. now there’s been two updates and it does not work as fast and has become annoying. It’s slow, gets stuck, and limits the amount of a favorites

Terrible app

For an app that has SO MANY updates, it runs terribly. Always freezing, weird error codes flashing on & off, cart always empties itself...not impressed.

Shopping bag still doesn’t work

After the previous update, users couldn’t get to their shopping bags. Everyone complained about it in reviews. When I updated my app today, I thought, Surely, H&M fixed the shopping bag issue.” Boy was I wrong about that. What’s the point of having a shopping app if it won’t let me buy anything? Thanks for saving me some money, H&M. Previous review: There’s something wrong with the latest update. I put some items in my bag, but didn’t purchase. I went back to the app a few days later. The app knows that there are items in the bag, but it keeps getting stuck in an infinite loop. This is saving me some money.

New app bad cart

Since I’ve changed to the new h&m app that was suggested I change to there’s been lots of loading issues when I go to my cart. How can a girl shop and check out if I can’t even get to my cart?!

Nothing will load

For a week now, my shopping bag won’t load. My order history won’t load. It just has the “loading” circle for an hour before it crashes. Total crap! And if I try to shop on the website, it automatically directs me to the app again! Literally making it impossible to take my money? I don’t get it.

Nonfunctional since upgrade to iOS 12

I upgraded to iOS 12 on my iPhone yesterday and ever since then this app has been glitching out. I had a bunch of stuff in my shopping bag I was planning to buy, but now whenever I open the shopping bag, it never completely loads. There’s just a spinning circle and the screen flickers continuously. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app,which temporarily fixed the problem, but now it is happening again. Super frustrating.

View cart doesn’t work!!


Fix the bugs in the shopping cart

So. You’d think you would want people to access their shopping carts. Ah apparently not. Fix the bugs. I was trying to buy something!

Unable to check out

When I go to checkout the checkout bag won’t load it keeps endlessly refreshing. Unable to complete my purchase, had to go to the mobile website. They need to fix the bugs in the new app because it’s unusable right now.

Don’t update

I normally go onto the app just to see what new products are available and sometimes order some things. I went on the app to look at some of my favorites but it wouldn’t let me on unless I got the newest update. Did all that and now I can’t see anything i previously favorited. Had about 50 things in there so I’m a little peeved.


UPDATE: Shopping bag still not loading ... and now the reviews I leave don’t appear. As if they are deleted or hidden. No wonder the app has. 2.5 rating. Actually I believe it was 1.5 before. Weird how it went up a unit. I tried contacting support and customer service. Neither have responded. It’s as if they don’t care. *** Deleted app and reinstalled it. Worked for a day. Reached out to customer support within the app. No response. Will attempt to reach out developers. See what happens, or app will be deleted and never used. H&M please get it together. People actually want to be from you. The least you can do is have functional technology to make that easier for customers,

These people deserve an award!!!

The best clothing store ever dawg!


For a company focused on the latest in fashion and design, you'd think H&M would be tech savvy. But, you would be wrong. This app would be an embarrassment for a mom and pop store. The fact that it comes from one of the largest clothing retailers in the world is inexcusable. Half the time I can't log in; the other half I can't check out. This is the umpteenth version of the app this year alone, and it keeps getting worse. If H&M doesn't care enough about its customers to produce a decent app, I certainly don't care enough to give them my money.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Come on, H&M. Why are you coming out with all these new app updates that just keep making the app worse and worse? Things were working so well before you decided to revamp it. Now I get items cancelled after I make my purchase all the time (update your stock to real time for God’s sake!). This never used to happen before! The worst part is when the shopping bag won’t load because something in it is “out of stock”. I used to buy from you guys all the time, but you’re making it harder and harder to do so.

My likes disappear

I make this big list of stuff I might want to buy in the future and they get deleted or removed, this has happened more than once

New app is crap. ‘Nuff said!

I’ve been using the app for years with no issue. This new app has been terrible. Saved a few things in my cart, tried to go back in a few days later to check them out and it’s a weird screen with just shipping info. Can’t tell if they’re sold out or if the app is displaying an error screen. Shipment time has taken longer too! I might as well shop somewhere else!

Pathetic app

All the items i see in cart after shopping. And app is so slow to respond . Cant upgrade my phone 😀😀using latest . Uninstalled .


App does not work well with iphone x it takes forever to load and suddenly closes...it’s annoying after awhile... love the clothes for my toddler but I haven’t been buying recently due to the app crashing all the time...

Shopping bag

Unable to view shopping bag . It’s been going on for a week .

Shopping not pleaser anymore

The new app is horrible. Work really bad. Can’t shop like this 😠


Been trying to view my shopping cart fir days now and it still won’t work

App some upgrades ... and suggestions for retailer

Downloaded app on 2 separate phones. The shopping cart RARELY loads (but my favorites, orders and other sections don’t have any issues). It is better to shop from your laptop or desktop. Online site could ship items out quicker. You can order on Monday morning and won’t get shipping status update until Wednesday. Other retailers are much quicker!! It’s 2018! We are used to same day or next day deliveries. I’ll wait 2-3 but H&M is still a week! Sometimes next day isn’t even available! I wish H&M would use UPS. The postal service is the worst. Tracking system isn’t reliable at all.

Fix this app

This app is very slow and very buggy, I have hard times getting to do things on here, customer services is very rude and unprofessional.

Shopping cart

The shopping cart will not load which makes the app useless. Can not complete orders.


App became really buggy all of a sudden. I can’t open my shopping cart to order

Awful experience

It’s impossible to create a password while sign up. I follow all the conditions (min 8 characters, 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 digit) and it doesn’t work. You should not release raw versions of the app.

Shopping cart button

Glitches and won’t load what is in my cart. Annoying.

App never works

So far it has been useless. I haven’t been able to complete any purchases because my shopping cart never loads.


I buy online a lot. This app is super slow, that is fine. However, it can’t even load the shopping bag, it’s never loaded.

New app worse than the old!

The New app is significantly worse than the old one. You constantly find a blank or an error on the checkout page so it took me three days to check out on four items and I bought just gave up. You filter and it errors out or kicks you out. You click on previous orders and the screen stays blank or freezes and kicks you out. Need I say more?


Shopping bag is not opening

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