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Jaime trop cette aplications mais cest beaucoup trop cher sinon cest au top

Shame its not working

After the last upgrade app dosnt work on iPhone 4 - SHAME SHAME SHAME


カートに入れた商品の削除、変更ができない。 iphone5s

Language problem

So what am I going to do if Im an English student in Poland and I dont know polish? There is no way to change the language

iPhone4 users

What about iPhone4 users? They are not able to update their iPhones to iOS8 and thereby they are not able to use H&M app... Even if they download the app, it shows only one button "Download the last version" and thus they go full circle.


Wishing I read these reviews before I tried ordering. Can’t seem to manage to check out. It just can’t seal the deal. Checking to see if it actually charged me without completing the order, in which case I’ll go from being deeply annoyed to infuriated.

No shipping information

I am trying to track an order and it gives no actual updates of where my order is. Only that it’s arriving and leaving from warehouses, which is completely useless. I do like this app more than the previous because you don’t have to click into a separate page to see additional photos of an item. Shipping info is incredibly frustrating though. It should be an easy fix, hopefully resolved soon.


My favorite store so it was perfect for when I couldn’t go to the mall. 100% recommend

Sorting clothes by size

I don’t understand why app does not have this option and I have to go through 3000 sale items instead of 300 of my size

Why do I have to continuously download the “new” app?!

Every SINGLE time that I try to access the app, I get the message asking to download the new app. Then, I’m redirected either to the App Store just for me to press “open” or the mobile site. Get your ISH together H&M this is embarrassing for you guys. I spend well over $1000 every year and not for this crap.

App is horrible

Very poor app! It flickers and shuts down on its own while browsing on iphone x. The older app was really good, not sure what’s going on with this one. Please fix it asap!!


I agree that the quality is good. But I never had a smooth transaction everytime I buy online. The shipping process is taking longer than the promised date, the items are incomplete in the package, wrong sizes are delivered even though theres a list of everything I ordered where they can use it as guide, some packages are not being delivered (yes it will be replaced but its time consuming and the return policy of 30days is still gonna be honored from the date of purchase). As for customer service representative feedback, everytime I call, the agents are always giving me false informations. This definitely gave me reasons to not buy from them.


- Tracking number doesn't update in a timely manner. It also doesn't link to an actual shipper, like USPS, UPS, or FedEx. I had to copy, paste, and Google the number myself. Dumb. - Cart reloads every time I click on and off of it, and takes several seconds to load. Highly annoying if I'm clicking through each of the items in my cart. This information should be cached somewhere or something. - 'Feed' of items repeats the exact same item in the exact same color a lot. Also, repeat listings for the same item, just a different color are irritating. I don't want to have to scroll for five days to see my options. If I like the style, I'll click to see color options. Less is more.

Laughably Awful

Whaaaat happened to the basic functionality with this app update? Filtering by size is an absolute essential to any apparel shopping app. Things are buggin’ out on me. Inventory count is not kept current. Bye!


Do not buy online!! Never ever!!


I saw the reviews before and gave it a try anyways. Big mistake. Like I genuinely got angry bc it kept shutting down. Makes me want to not shop at hm.

This app is Frustrating

This app doesn’t allow you to filter by product type or size. It only allows you to filter by color or “concept.” It would be a lot more user-friendly if it added those filters like most other clothing apps have.

Bad Update

Never had an issue but updated it and now everything is written in a language I can't understand. I speak English. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Very disappointed

The newest update is garbage. The past couple of orders I have placed I received the wrong sizes on 2 out of 4 items. It took 10+ days to receive the order and it used to only take a couple of days at most with standard shipping. I don’t know what’s going on with H&M lately but I’m not impressed.

No size filters!

What a waste of time. Looking at clothes that aren’t even available in your size. Stopped shopping there ever since the app upgrade. Shame.

New App: 15% off Promised but not Delivered

I really wanted to give H&M my business after upgrading to the new app, but the promise of 15% off was never delivered to my inbox. It’s not about me not getting the 15% off more than it’s about making a promise and not following through with it. Also, Customer Service section of the App doesn’t work...


Why can’t i choose germany as my country?

Garbage App

The old app was fine.... why make a new app thats completely garbage? H&m has been falling apart since that monkey outfit incident🙄👎🏾

This app is constantly “down for maintenance.”

Waist of storage.

I liked this app

I loved this app😍me gusta está app xk me avisa los especiales también si donas ropa en la tienda te dan 25% off en tu compra sale baratísimo y muy buena calidad la ropa

Horrible app, frustrated, shopping bag cannot be viewed!

Today I have been shopping online for like an hour, I picked 15 items for my toddler, it has been 3 hours I cannot open shopping bag page “the page cannot be viewed” Seriously?!

Worst new app!!!

They recently launched a this new and “improved” app and its trash. It’s almost kind of funny that such a giant corporation has such a bad app. And hasn't done anything to fix it. Browsing and filtering is very limited. It randomly won’t load a page or just crashes. My last order shipped to an address that wasn’t listed as my primary. An address I shipped a gift to once last year. My friend had to reship package to me it only had 3/6 items. When I called hm and they said when packing my order there were some items out of stock so they just adjust the order with no notification. How is that even possible?? I’m guessing it’s bigger than this app. Seems like they have someone new and very unqualified making these changes. Too bad because I used to love shopping form app.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it

I really preferred the old app over this new one. It’s not functional, it’s slow, & overall not user friendly. Try again H&M.

Tech problems

These tech problems are ahhhh, I’m getting kind of impatient.

New app - horrible

HM what are you thinking? You’re losing money! The old app was so so so much better - the new one has been ridiculous - haven’t been able to complete purchases several times now for several different reasons! The old app worked like a charm every time.

Keep receiving API errors.

I just downloaded the app. While trying to add items to cart and it will repeatedly give me an api error.




If I can give super 0 star, I will do ! I can’t place my order from this app and I have to call the customer service to place my order. After waiting one week, my order never came to me. I call the customer service and they said all of my items are out of stock !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I have to wait for my refund in the next 3 business days ! That’s it ! What kind of business you guys have ! Poor H&M !!!!

Bring the old app back

This new app is horrible. There is no Concepts category. And limited Wishlist? Really? That’s extraordinarily futile !!!! The previous app was so much better !!!! The new one is a setback !!!!

sagt falsches passwort

immer wenn ich mich anmelden möchte sagt es dass ich ein falsches passwort eingebe obwohl es richtig ist und es funktioniert auch auf der website aber nicht in der app.

App A1 but...

Pls restock men’s slim low jean joggers

use the website

I see a lot of bad reviews for this app and the one thing I can say is: Use the website! I live in a small town and the closest H&M is 2 hours away. When I order from the website, I order 10+ items and everything is perfectly fine. :)


When I first downloaded it everything in my favorites was DELETED. Now, after a month it all got erased once more. I used to shop through the old app all the time! But it's honestly just a drag to go on this one because it's so SLOW. H&M you're doing EVERYTHING WRONG. It's like H&M wants to lose clientele. This new app was and remains to be a dumb idea. You need to change everything about is ASAP!

Best customer service experience

1. Online ordering is seamless 2. Online purchase customer service, returns and exchanges are not just painless but pleasant 3. Offers on offers: I can always count on a sale when I need one Home sale haul I got everything for my apartment at an amazing price and then some. I got a confirmation email that ALL of the items I ordered were out of stock! I panicked and called customer service, and before I could finish telling him the items I needed he had corrected the order and it was like the snag never even happened. Forever an H&M customer.

App Issues

Just had to download the “new” app, and it’s already shut down on me three times while browsing. This should not happen and needs to be fixed.


So extremely dissatisfied with your business. I placed an order TWO WEEKS AGO. 2 weeks!!! And have received nothing. Then i get an email saying that one of the items i already paid for was not available after i already placed the order then you made it difficult to get my money back for your mistake. I have never in my years of online shopping experienced such bad customer service. Waiting over 2 weeks for some shirts is absurd and unheard of for me. You’ve lost my business. The most untrustworthy company ever. You are messing with peoples time and money and you should be ashamed!!!! You need to start over from scratch because however you are working your company is a total mess!!

Slow app

What’s wrong with this crap ??? The old app was way better. Slow and keeps crashing and every time I saved something on the bag it keeps deleting. Fix it. Slow slow slow.

Love this new version of the H&M APP

Im a 55 years old man, I know it , Im not Your typical reviewer. I used it to take my grandchildren's to the flagship store @ Atlantic Station, Atlanta. and buy their clothes there , until I find out about the H&M app, I started buying their clothes to my 6 years of age girl and the 3 and 5 years of age boys. Never have any problems with the old version nor the newer version of the app. I liked very much the old version although don't know the reason why changed it, to Me it was working just fine. I just placed and received my first order thru the new app with NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER. The new app works like the one from ZARA. Love both brands for my kids. My only complaint its that they didn't send me the code for my 15% off purchase I promised as a reward to download and use the new app.

Why won’t it let me check out ?

Is there a reason why this app isn’t letting me check out? I click check out & then the screen goes blank ? What’s going on! Pretty annoying & I was planning on spend over 100$ but this stupid app isn’t letting me check out ? Please fix this!

Not the best app...

Crashes, not built for iPad, could use a lot of work


This app makes me feel like the coolest monkey in the jungle!


I went through updated my address entered my credit card and after trying three or four times as the screens were not refresh I finallyI went through updated my address entered my credit card and after trying three or four times as the screens were not refresh I finally got complete order and it would not recognize my click going back to the old app

Don’t Order Online/App

The app works just fine, just don’t order online. Apparently the company can’t do anything right with online orders. Had 2 items cancelled on me without notice until the other 2 shipped. The warehouse screwed up and my items was out of stock. Now I’m waiting for a refund and items that haven’t moved in several day, according to the tracking number I received. Oh yeah, and pretty much the same products have been re-released at a whopping $24-$48, compared to the $8-$17 I paid for each item.

Keeps crashing

I’m using an iPhone X and the app keeps crashing. All I’m doing is browsing through items and the app closes by itself. Very frustrating having to reopen and figure out where I left off. Also the inventory is not accurate. I placed an order and received an email notice afterwards that several items were out of stock so I won’t be charged for these items thus won’t receive them. Bad UX. The UI on this new app is better than the old app version. I appreciate the much needed size chart link on every item. Ways to improve: 1. Figure out what is making the app crash and fix it. 2. Add more in-depth item descriptions and actual item measurements for each size please! Fashion retailers are so bad at this, it will most likely help reduce the amount of returns and exchanges. H&M, y’all could do better.

Everything was fine before.

Since they updated the app, it’s been a horrible online experience. One item didn’t come and the rest of my orders are all in the wrong size. Every item was one size too big.

New app no bueno

You can no longer filter through items efficiently. It only lets you filter through what’s on the first page and doesn’t let you scroll through the rest. Pages take forever to upload. So you just give up. You can no longer filter for trend items which is the main thing I buy. Please fix this or you’re losing shoppers


Ever since they updated their app, it’s been really disappointing. I ordered a total of six items and three of them can’t be shipped. Customer service said the size I want for the three items aren’t available anymore but in their site, it says available and I contacted another customer service, turns out, one of the items has 29 in stock! Their app doesn’t update the inventory right away. So be careful when you order an item. You get excited to receive the item and the day after, you’ll receive an email that they can’t ship it (with no explanation whatsoever why they couldn’t ship it). This happened to me twice, too. I let it go the first time but the second time?! Seriously? Fix your app, H&M! You just lost a regular online customer!

Crashes constantly!

App crashes constantly. It especially irritated me when they had a one-day sale on July 17th. I still can’t access the app.

simple h&m doesn’t sell clothes on this app

I downloaded the app clicked on 5 things I liked, each one had one size available which wasn’t mine. Finally found something, went to checkout and a not shippable label appeared. useless waste of time. Have some inventory... then sell it. or at least ship it. Im befuddled.

Ridiculous new app

Before the upgrade to the new app, everything was fine. Now, it’s BS. No indication that an item I wanted was sold out and it took almost 2 weeks for my stuff to arrive. Last time I’m ordering online from H&M until they can get it together. Will likely switch to Forever21

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